terprises. Huad▓ian Group, one of China's largest electricity providers, won the biggest prize ▓by saving a million tons of coal a year through innovation. This greatly contributed to energy saving and pollution reduction. They say environmental protection is now an in▓tegral part of the company.Deng Jianling, VP of China Huadian Corporati▓on said "Although environmental protection does increase our costs, in the long term it wil▓l benefit both the country and the compan

y. We do not think environmental prote▓ction is a burden. In contrast, it is a necessary condition for▓ our enterprise to achieve further development in the future. "Enterprises at the event are also calling for more efforts to shift their econo▓mic growth model, and achieve more sustainable economic development by using sound scientific methods.Li Shiming, Director of Environment Protection Department of Shendong Coal Co. said "I hope all the enterprises can make use of their own advantage, and activ▓ely learn from others' experiences and technologies. I hope we will all progress in environmental protection."The China Environmental Prize has been held for five years to encourage environmental protection efforts in the country. Now protecting the environment has become a fundamental government pol